Harley Davidson Introduce Powerful Small Motorcycle

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Harley Davidson introduces a small motorcycle to enter the Asia market. The new Harley Davidson motorcycle will introduce August in 2020.

One of the best-selling Harley Davidson motorcycles in the US was Street 500. Harley-Davidson is already known as its design and high power motorcycles like that model. But some things are changing soon. Because Harley-Davidson wants to enter the Asia market and the motorcycle manufacturer has been working with the Chinese Qianjiang company for a while. The expectation of this partnership completely enters the Asian market with a new motorcycle with a more compact and unusual Harley-Davidson design. The new motorcycle’s engine volume, which has come to an end in the development process, will not be high.

Harley Davidson HD350
Harley Davidson HD350

Harley Davidson HD350

In December of last year, Harley Davidson and Qianjiang companies gave the green light for production to that motorcycle project called “HD350”. We already knew all the information so far. If we look at the information from the new press release, this new motorcycle of Harley-Davidson will be officially introduced in August 2020.

In addition, the name of this model was mentioned in that bulletin not as “HD350” but as “HD338“. We are not actually surprised by this situation. Because this small model of Harley-Davidson will use the Benelli company’s 338 cc twin-cylinder engine. Even the rest of the motorcycle will be almost the same as the Benelli 302S motorcycle. In other words, the parts produced by Harley-Davidson will be parts such as the body and suspensions of the motorcycle.


This motorcycle is prepared with the Benelli brand.

We can think that the Harley-Davidson HD350 will be a common platform motorcycle with the Benelli 302S. Because, as we know, Benelli is a motorcycle manufacturer within the company of Qianjiang. Even the 338 cc engine mentioned in this project was a Benelli engine. This new motorcycle of Harley-Davidson is expected to be available in late 2020. But there is no plan to sell this motorcycle outside of Asian countries.


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