Honda CBR 500R

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The smallest of the sport model in Honda motorcycle extensive family: Honda CBR 500R. This Honda’s model, which can be used both in the city and on long roads, looks quite serious. This 2-cylinder motorcycle has a lot of power. Apart from these, this model has been updated quite well. This update looks pretty stylish. Let’s have a look at the Honda CBR500R.

Honda CBR 500R
Honda CBR 500R


The fast, thrifty, cost-effective, and fun CBR500R that has been on sale since 2013 has helped redefine and revive the mid-weight class, adding sporty energy and engineering of wider CBRs to Honda’s two-cylinder range. Many young drivers from everywhere the globe have improved their racing skills with the CBR500R within the first two seasons of Honda’s one-time European Junior Championship series races. This model is utilized in town during the week; it’s an ideal motorcycle that may take you off your bridle on the weekend. With its high capacity, the CBR500R is additionally within the eyes of experienced drivers who want to shrink their machines while maintaining the fun spirit of riding a motorbike.

Honda CBR 500R

First, we can talk about the size of the motorcycle. Compared to other motorcycles, especially for beginner (A2 license) motorcycles, it has a bigger and more stylish stance than its competitors.

If you drive a Honda CBR 500R, you will find that the leg length, seat height, and driving position make the bike far more comfortable for larger people. As you ride the CBR 500R, you may find that it’s an awfully flat torque curve that rotates at about 8000-8400 rpm. This suggests you will access plenty of power, irrespective of how briskly you go. Once the bike reaches highway speeds, it will have identical strength, ranging from the road.

If you propose on doing freeway riding, that’s where the CBR 500R really seems to shine. A softer suspension than its rivals. The softer suspension provides it great for cruising at higher speeds or navigating back roads. The CBR’s seat is additionally padded over other bikes which really helps once you are on the bike for over some hours. It gets more than 80km(50milles) per gallon and may comfortably check 200 miles before you’ve got to place more gasoline in it. that produces this bike an option for those who actually need to save money on gas by riding a bike.

In the looks department, there is no denying that the CBR appears much less aggressive than the Ninja 300. Yes, the Honda CBR 500R features a full fairing, but the angles are soft and therefore the seating position is upright. It has really good looks the double headlights.


Evolution of Honda CBR500R

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Old Honda CBR500R
Old Honda CBR500R

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New Honda CBR 500R
New Honda CBR 500R


Details like the hinged fuel filler flap, adjustable distance brake lever, redesigned seat, and “wave” style key enhance the owner’s overall experience while increasing the larger fuel tank level.

The ride has been enhanced with the addition of a brand new, short exhaust muffler, with adjustable spring preload on the front forks, a redesigned gear drum for smoother gear changes, and a tuned interior that radiates the colorful humming warrant the engine’s character and former CBR models.


Honda CBR 500R
Honda CBR 500R

Technical Features

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Motor Type :Liquid-cooled, Parallel Double cylinder DOHC engine
Emission :Euro4
Engine Capacity (CC) :471cc
Max. Power (kW @ rpm):48hp(35kw) @8600 rpm
Max. Torque (Nm @ rpm):42Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm):2.080 mm X 755 mm X 1.145 mm
Saddle height (mm):785 mm
Fuel capacity (lt):17 lt.
Weight (kg):192 kg.




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