Motorcycle 101: Important Things Before Driving

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Important things before driving a motorcycle. It is more than just foolishness to neglect their pre-driving motorcycle control while revealing your life. The hydraulic could also be drained, there could also be nails within the tire (even if the tire has not been lowered yet), or the drain plugs could also be loose whether or not they’re out of service. Taking some seconds will protect you from great trouble. Let’s check an important checklist before driving a motorcycle.

Checklist before driving a motorcycle

Important Things Before Driving

The impact of the human factor on accidents play a significant role. First of all, be a conscious driver. Do not drink beer or something before driving a motorcycle. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has reported that approximately 30% of bikers involved in fatal motorcycle accidents had blood-alcohol concentrations (BAC) over the legal limit and that approximately 45% of bikers involved in fatal accidents had some level of alcohol in their blood.

Be a Conscious Driver

One of the explanations motorcyclists who ride while under the influence are involved in such a large amount of accidents, per NHTSA, is that the coordination, balance, and judgment skills required for safe motorcycle operation are particularly full of riders’ blood-alcohol levels.

Inebriated motorcyclists must operate dual brakes, and balance, steer, and shift their two-wheeled vehicles, while taking care to avoid conditions particularly dangerous to motorcyclists, like potholes, otherwise damaged or uneven pavement, changing wind conditions, and also the tendency of other drivers to fail to appear out for a motorcyclist’s presence. the abilities necessary to motorcyclists’ safety will be challenging even when cyclists are alert and unimpaired, in order that the addition of any level of alcohol can easily result in collisions or other accidents leading to a rider’s serious injury or death.

Be Careful

Driving a bike for an extended time can cause exhaustion. This process can start much sooner than you’ll be able to anticipate. Because you will not have taken in attention wind resistance, but you need to think that wind noise is additionally a tiring factor,. you recognize the vibration, but you are doing not know exactly how your body reacts to the present vibration.

You know that your noisy exhausts provide noticeability (audibility) and looking out strong, but you furthermore might have to know the amount of the sound is tiring for your body.

You may not know that the wind that strikes you may cool your body at a way faster pace than when it’s standing normally after ages. a decent windshield, earplugs, helmets, and, of course, quiet exhausts can eliminate the negative effect of clap consuming your brain. people who call accident preventers for sound exhausts don’t forget that visibility is more important than audibility, essentially this sound is usually accustomed to influence others.

You Don’t Need To Be Angry

Leave your anger at home. Try to not get angry at the least a bit of sort of traffic problems. don’t care, or rather, ignore them. Anger and similar fear don’t have any place in motor drive. High-stress levels make your mistake. If your pulse is rising, guide and quiet down before you burst off again. Essentially, this attitude applies to any or all vehicle drivers, including bicycles. How bad it’s that not everyone can think this fashion.


And Don’t Forget

1. Tires (wheels and brakes)
2. Controls (headlights and electricity)
3. Oil (chain and chassis)
4. Side stand and center table (Is there any bending, twisting?)

And don’t forget. You need to control your bike before driving. It doesn’t matter the way long or short.


Of course, I think you have a helmet and other equipment 🙂

Have a safety trip!


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