Aston Martin’s First Futuristik Motorcycle: Aston Martin AMB 001

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The motorcycle developed by Aston Martin in partnership with Brough Superior has surfaced and the 180-horsepower “AMB 001″ are going to be produced only 100 units and therefore the first delivery is made at the top of next year.

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Aston Martin AMB 001

One of the foremost popular car manufacturers within the world is Aston Martin. the corporate is more confronted with super sports cars, but this point true maybe a little different. The motorcycle “AMB 001”, a result of Aston Martin’s collaboration with Brough Superior, has now surfaced. Aston Martin’s first motorcycle reveals that the corporate is pretty much as good at motorcycles because it is a minimum of within the car industry.


As a matter of fact, Aston Martin’s first motorcycle was developed inspired by the company’s popular vehicle models. the planning is totally out of the hands of Aston Martin engineers. When the planning of the AMB 001 is examined, the traces of Aston Martin’s models like DB, Valkyrie, and Vantage will be clearly seen. If you want, let’s examine the design of this motorcycle.

The AMB 001, which has an especially stylish and modern design, has a carbon-fiber body. Every detail within the overall structure of the motorcycle reveals that this motorcycle is seriously powerful. In fact, this powerful structure reveals that this motorcycle is de facto powerful because the AMB 001 is 180 horsepower.

The 180 hp of the AMB 001 is met by the turbocharged “V-twin” engine of the motorcycle. additionally, this engine is of great importance for both companies. this can be because neither Aston Martin nor Brough Superior has ever worked on a turbocharged engine.


Developed in partnership with Aston Martin and Brough Superior, this beast will only be produced in 100 units. the primary motorcycle to be produced is delivered at the top of next year. the worth of this special motorcycle is $ 120,000.


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