Seat’s First Electric Motorcycle: SEAT MO e-Scooter 125

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Seat’s first motorcycle, which is electric (SEAT MO e-Scooter 125), will be launched soon. Seat introduces the fully electric scooter concept: e-Scooter. The manufacturer exhibited its concept representing its entry into the electric scooter industry at the Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona. The electric scooter is designed so that two people can sit. The model is equipped with an independent brake system and LED lights for night use.

MO e-Scooter 125

Seat MO e-Scooter 125 will be equipped with a 9kW engine and 5.6kWh battery to ensure up to 125 kilometers range. The electric engine produces 240Nm of torque and it has a top speed of up to 95. Additionally, it can reach to 0-50 in 3.9 seconds. I think this motorcycle ideal for daily usage.

Seat MO 125 has a range up to 125km the only charge. The motorcycle should charge just one week for private drivers. This feature makes it much more attractive. You can charge it at your home or on the motorbike. Thanks to the portable battery, you can charge where you want. Using MO 125 is more practical with this feature. Drivers can simply swap batteries when discharged.

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Seat MO e-Scooter 125
Seat MO e-Scooter 125

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Seat MO e-Scooter 125
Seat MO e-Scooter 125


Various Driving Modes

Seat MO eScooter 125 present dynamics that set it apart from within the market with a spread of driving modes; Eco, City, and Sport.

Seat stated that the e-Scooter is going to be available in late 2020. The manufacturer didn’t reveal the countries within which the small city motorcycle would be offered. Seat will enter the electric scooter market and become the second company in the Volkswagen Group to produce motorcycles after Ducati.

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