The New Bajaj Dominar 400 UG

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The popular model of the Bajaj brand, Dominar 400, underwent a major overhaul for 2020. The model, which takes the UG, which is the abbreviation of the word Upgrade, has made nearly 50 improvements for driving, comfort, and performance. Bajaj Dominar, the newest model of the world’s third-largest motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj, brings 400 UG to motor lovers. According to Bajaj Dominar 400, it has nearly 50 improvements. Bajaj Dominar 400 UG, which has been overhauled from the engine to hitch indicators and software, will be an important choice for motor lovers who are looking for motorcycles with an engine in the range of 200-600 cc.

Bajaj Dominar UG
Bajaj Dominar UG

Bajaj Dominar 400 UG Engine Power Increased %14

Starting to develop the motorcycle from the engine, Bajaj increased the power of the engine in the Dominar 400 by 14.28 percent. The power was increased from 35 HP to 40 HP without sacrificing the torque of 35 Nm, so the speed was increased by 6 percent while the acceleration of 0-100 km / h was reduced to 7.1 seconds. In order to increase the volumetric efficiency, while the single-eccentric engine was converted into a double-eccentric system, the vibration level of the engine was also reduced with the balancing system redesigned in the engine parts.

In addition, the motor chassis attachment points have been redesigned to absorb vibration and additional rigidity has been achieved. With the re-mapping of the engine management software, more stable acceleration, more efficient power management, better gas response, better engine acceleration, and higher speeds were provided. In addition to quieter operation and better cooling with the new radiator fan design, the exhaust system has also been redesigned and double-tubes to enhance the engine sound. Thanks to all the changes made, Bajaj Dominar 400 UG can travel 30 km with 1 liter of fuel.

Bajaj Dominar UG
Bajaj Dominar UG

Completely Renewed Front Suspension

With the change in the front suspension system, which has been completely redesigned to improve driving comfort, reverse telescopic shock absorbers used in premium and racing motorcycles were included. This more comfortable driving character and better handling are supported by the new generation Bosch ABS system.

Functional and Aesthetic Changes

While the classic and strong Dominar 400 front design continues on the Dominar 400 UG, there are also new side tables and motor protection bars that look more aesthetic. On the other hand, gear indicator and trip computer were added to the redesigned digital information screen. In the Bajaj Dominar 400 UG, where the side mirrors are also redesigned, the tank pad now has a carbon-fiber look.



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