What Is Tank Slapper and Why It happens ? How Can We Avoid That?

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What is “tank slapper” and why does it happen? How can we avoid death wobbles? Some people also called tank slapper as speed wobbles or death wobbles. It is obvious to understand from the second name, It can cause fatal accidents. Speed wobbles or death wobbles can usually occur at high speed. Let’s find out why it happens and how we can avoid that issue.

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What is “tank slapper”?

One of the most reason is that when a motorbike runs on the road, the front and rear shock absorber work together continuously. Wheelbase change because the front and rear shock absorber are constantly rising and lowering. Motorbike tries to handle this situation without the driver realizing it. When these happen,  a vibration occurs in the handlebar. If we don’t let the handlebars do the correct movements by keeping the handlebar tight and hard, this vibration jumps over all motorbike’s chassis and it can occur tank slapper. All motorbike starts to vibrate and get out of control. Tank slappers can cause fatal accidents, especially If you are an amateur driver at high speed.


Why does it happen? How can we avoid that?

Drivers keep the handlebar so tough. That’s why tank slapper accidents occur. The keyword is that “don’t keep the handlebar tight“. This is the most common attitude for it. Drivers need to hold the 2 sides of the motorbike’s fuel tank with legs instead of keeping the handlebar tight. This can prevent it from occurring.

When it happens to your motorbike, firstly you need to be calm and never put on the brakes to stop motorbike. Putting on the brakes can occur fatal accidents for drivers. You just need to be calm and you should try to hold the handlebars lightly.  Additionally, you need to hold a motorbike from fuel tank sides with your legs.


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